I’m not sure what you woke up to on Valentine’s Day, but for me, it was a crystal pitcher (from the cupboard) filled with purple tiger lillies, and 5 giant, white lillies that were tightly closed. My man knows how to pick-em 🙂

I may not have a vase of flowers in full bloom right away, but I get to witness my favorite part…the slow unfolding and unveiling of the true beauty of each lily.

I consider inspiration to be something similar to those moments. It is in those moments, when you appreciate the beauty of something spectacular, and it bleeds into your creativity in one degree or another.

Today, I am inspired by the beautiful nature of a giant blooming lily as it rests peacefully in a pitcher of sparkling crystal shining in the sun. What inspires the beauty and creativity of your mind? Your photos? Your creations?

What is inspiring your next project?