It’s hard not to get pulled into the consumer world of Christmas decorations isn’t it? Everywhere we look there is something Christmas related to feed the spirit of Christmas. Which is all good until it becomes so overwhelming that the Christmas spirit is hidden by reds, greens, and sparkly things!

So here is a little holiday challenge 🙂 This week I have been inspired by the simple, quiet beauty of snowflakes. As my kids sat at our kitchen table with scissors in one hand and white paper in the other, I began to appreciate the tranquil beauty that snowflakes bring as their little fingers created paper beautiful paper snowflakes. Even the tiny scraps of paper that littered the floor had a sense of beauty to it!

This year, we are going to decorate our home with homemade, unique, imperfect paper snowflakes. Simple. Beautiful. Personable.

My challenge to you is this:

See what beauty you can find or create from snowflakes. Photograph snowflakes. Decorate with snowflakes. Design around the idea of snowflakes.

Sometimes it is the simple things that go overlooked but in reality deserve the most attention.