There’s a whole world of orange out there right now, and whether you are completely sick of this seasonal invasion of orange, OR your entire home including your kitchen pantry filled-with-pumpkin-spice-laden-food is bursting with orange at the seams and you LOVE IT….let’s face it…not all orange is awesome orange.

Well…let me just tell you about the most beautiful orange I have EVER seen. Yes, there is such a thing as a beautiful orange! This week our family was enjoying an annual trip to the local pumpkin patch/amusement zone as we do every year. As the kids took turns choosing what adventure or play zone we should venture to next, we found ourselves in the line for the “Grain Train” that took passengers on a bumpy, yet surprisingly soothing trip out through the pumpkin patches on the back of the property.

Now…we’re no fools. We bought pumpkins there once, and practically ate rice for a week trying to recover from the ghastly prices of buying pumpkins from there.

Nope. This time we sat back with our giant bag of $7 kettle corn and crunched away while we enjoyed the bumps and the view of other families gathering pumpkins to take home. Cha-Ching.

That’s when I saw it. A women held it high upon her shoulder with one hand…almost as if to say “It’s mine. I have found the perfect pumpkin in the world…and it is mine.” It was fat and short with perfect definition lines down the sides, and it radiated the light of the sinking sun as if it were completely fake. It had a deep and magestic orange/red color that captured every single essence of fall….all in one color.

Oh, it definitely put to shame all of our man-made attempts at fall orange. Nothing could compare.

Find your inspiration this season and run with it. What thing out there is so beautiful that it literally brings a peace to your soul? Find your pumpkin patch orange.