I don’t know about you, but I find beauty in all of the seasons. Whether it is the sparkly beauty of a white winter and frost covered trees, the fresh pops of color as spring comes forth, or the crystal clear lake on a hot summer day. Each season holds a special place in my heart.

Today, it is blatently obvious that fall has arrived in the Pacific Northwest. It has been rainy, dreary, and chilly. But just as in the other seasons, I still find beauty in fall. In fact, some of my most creative moments come in the fall when I am cozy inside with hot coffee and fuzzy socks on. Designing new templates, learning new Photoshop tricks, and appreciating beautiful works of photography as I customize projects for people are all part of the fall season for me.

It is a time when my pace slows down and I find myself more in the comforts of my home than out and about, like my busy summers tends to be. So…as I sit here observing the grey-blue clouds on this rainy day and think about the leaves turning dark red and falling, or the round orange speckled pumpkins in my garden, I encourage you to take time to appreciate the moments of this season as well.

Fall holds such beautiful shapes and colors. I encourage you to go on a nature walk and be intentional about taking in all that is around you. Then go home and dream up a creation that speaks to you!  Be inspired! Make something beautiful this season!