As I naively turned down the aisle at our grocery store that was SUPPOSED to still have 90% OFF clearanced Christmas stuff, I was slapped in the face with hearts and stuffed gorillas. Really? I am still finding Christmas decorations that got missed when we cleaned up, and I shamefully still have a few gifts laying in my bedroom that have not been integrated into my home. The Christmas whiplash is still healing.

Alas, it is time to pull off my reindeer socks and get moving on…whether I am ready or not. Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching.

Once upon a time, designing for V-Day was easy. Bright pinks and reds and BOOM…done. These days, with modern trends, and lifestyle photography…people in this type of business often find themselves taking a different route.

And I love it 🙂

It’s ok if you don’t feel inspired by a billion different shades of pink, or a gazillion different styles of hearts. It’s ok if little fat cupids don’t float your boat when you are planning a mini session or creating a new design. It’s ok….no, it’s AWESOME, to change things up.

So whether you find yourself pulling out old lace table clothes, white washed wooded hearts, or a burlap banner with just the slightest hint of red…don’t be shy. Experiment. Be creative. Think outside of the box. Tradition is not always the way to win. You might be surprised how things turn out when you try something different!