Let’s face it….there are some super awesome photography trends these days that just weren’t “a thing” a while back. Sadly, neither of my boys have adorable pictures of sitting in denim overalls, smeared with florecent blue frosting and fists full of birthday cake. Then again, knowing their tendencies, they might just have wailed the entire time anyway. Not big frosting fans.

Fortunately for all those doting Mamas out there, there are now ample opportunitues to capture our little one’s youthful moments….and with pizzazz!

One of those such said moments is being captured through the Cake Smash trend that is wooing the nation. Whoever came up with this should get free cake forever because…well…babies + cake = CUTENESS!

However….just as we have all seen those photo moment fails, and maybe even been a part of one, beautiful photography isn’t always as easy as it seems. Squatting in a patch of wild flowers does not automatically translate to beautiful tranquil senior photos without the expertise and skill of a good photographer.

With that being said, imagine a Cake Smash session fail. Things could go terribly wrong. Terribly, terribly wrong. Fortunately…there are some AMAZING photographers out there to learn from. When I went searching for cake smash wisdom, I found this awesome list by Melsharo Studios:

Cake Smash


Clearly she has got this thing figured out! And who doesn’t like to learn from those who have it figured out!? So…whether you have a blossoming one year old and are looking for what to expect, or you are a talented photographer venturing to try out your hand in Cake Smash sessions, I wholeheartedly support your adventure for further cake-covered cuteness 🙂