When I began learning Photoshop….I felt lost more often than not. So many awesome tricks! And yet…SO MUCH TO LEARN!

Just this week I was asked how one might change the color of an item on a template that they had purchased. Most people can easily figure out how to change the color of the text or background, but when it comes to graphic items added to the template, it can be a little more tricky….UNTIL you know the trick that is!

It’s super simple!

STEP 1: Be sure that you have the correct layer selected of the item that you would like to change the color of (in the layers panel). Once selected, click on the “fx” icon at the bottom of the layers panel.


Next, you will want to select the “Color Overlay” option.

STEP 3: 

Once the color menu opens, click on the color swatch and select the color that you want to change it to.

At this point, if you move your cursor off the color menu and onto your work space, you will be able to click on any color you might want to match your item to, and it will automatically change your swatch of color to that color.

STEP 4: Close out all your windows by selecting “OK” once you have the color you are looking for and Wha-LA!

NOTE: Sometimes when you are working with an object that is not already formatted to be changed, you will first need to right click the appropriate layer in the layers panel and select “rasterize layer” before you will be able to edit the item you are wanting to color. See Below.

And that is that!

Color changing at its finest…..and EASIEST!