Well…it’s no secret. Finding out how to do things in this day and age is drastically different than 20 years ago. Once upon a time, one would need to go to the library and check out a “How To” book, or flip through an encyclopedia to derive the knowledge needed to do A, B, or C. Today….we are simply a click away from the expanse of know-how that the internet provides us, and within that….the golden cherry on top called……YouTube Tutorials.

Long gone are the days of sitting in classes to learn things. These days, we can learn hundreds, if not thousands of new things just by watching a few YouTube videos. Because of this, things like navigating Photoshop, editing your own photos, or individualizing templates for your customers can be as simple as sitting through a few video tutorials 🙂

While there are MANY different channels for this, may we suggest one this week that is at the top of the list in our eyes. It has a vast variety of simple AND complex effect tutorials, and is put together in a very professional and easy to follow way. So no matter what you are striving to learn in the world of Photoshop…..consider taking a look at Phlearn’s YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/user/PhlearnLLC

We trust that you will walk away pleased 🙂