Here’s the deal….

Everyone has a different style, different tastes, and like different “bling” when they are creating the perfect design. While we strive to create and provide a variety of different styles with our templates, the truth is…sometimes you might find a template that could use a little altering to perfectly fit your unique tastes.

Lucky for you…it’s super easy! A quick and simple way to bring the right look to a template is by using clipping masks! No, not for pictures. This time, we will show you how to use clipping masks to add design.

For instance, let me walk you through how you can put a glitter image over this heart in the template below to add some spice!

To begin, you will want to make sure to select the graphic or item that you want to add “bling” to, while making sure that it is ALSO selected in your layers panel. The layer associated with your graphic will be highlighted. You should also see a dotted border around the actual graphic. SEE GREEN ARROWS 🙂

Once you have the correct layer selected, you will want to create a new layer directly above your graphic or object that will be the pattern or bling that you want to use. Because I have image files of glitter backgrounds saved to my computer, I simply went to “file” then “open” and opened the glitter background file from my computer.

My new background image opened in it’s own page, so I went ahead and right clicked the layer in the layers panel and selected “duplicate layer” and selected the location name of my template that I am editing. Then, I was able to go to my previous template and see my new glitter background image right on top of the heart that I am editing. You may need to move your new background or “bling” pattern to the right place and resize it to your taste.

Next, you will want to treat this “bling” image as any other image that you are placing in a clipping mask. I just treat the heart graphic as if it is a rectangle clipping mask that I am about the place a photo into. I treat my fabulous red glitter background image as a typical picture. You will want to right click on the “bling” layer in the layers panel, and then select “create clipping mask.”

Once your “bling” layer is clipped to fit your graphic, you are done! As you can see in my example, the graphic appears as a foggy glitter due to the nature of the original graphic. I started with a textured heart, so it gave texture to my glitter bling, but this will not always be the case 🙂

This simple little trick can be used to add plaid to a graphic… add a foil look……to add a sparkle look…..the possibilities are endless. This cool little trick can also be used for text! Just place the “bling” layer above your text layer and create a clipping mask as usual right over the words!  Just get creative and have at it!