For those who are new to the “Photoshop Template” world, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. A common question that we get is “Can you help me pick a template that would be good for _________.” And while we LOVE helping our customers in any way we can, here are a few helpful tips to finding confidence in picking a template that is just right for you!

Tip #1:  MAKE SURE YOU HAVE PHOTOSHOP!!!! No matter what template you choose….it will be useless to you without Photoshop.

Tip #2: To begin the search, ask yourself what style you are looking for. Changing the amount of photos, or the wording is very easy, but changing the entire STYLE of the template is not. Pick a template that has the look or feel that you are going for, and remember that colors are easy to change or tweak a bit too.

Tip #3: The amount of text is important. You should consider whether the amount of text or wording that you would like to include on your card is similar to the amount on the sample card. If you have WAY more text or WAY less text, it will cause you to need to adjust the layout and feel of the card. While this is not too difficult most of the time, it does add some extra work and planning, rather than just an easy copy and paste method. Know that the more text you add, the smaller you will need to make it in order to fit, which could in turn affect how hard it is to read once printed.

Tip #4: Don’t let color, clip art, or the amount of photos a template can hold to scare you away. Those are all things that can be changed! Don’t like the snowflakes? Delete them and upload a graphic that you do love! Do you have 3 photos instead of two? Check out our tutorial on how to add more clipping masks! Want the accent color to perfectly match the flowers in your little girl’s dress? Select that color and dump it where ever you would like it. All of these are fairly easy adjustments and easy to follow tutorials can be found on Youtube to walk you through the process.

Ultimately, it is important that you are happy with your finished product! We hope that these tips are helpful and useful in helping you find the right template for your project!