As I sit here at my kitchen counter, watching my amazing husband cook dinner for our family, and attempt to catch up on all the work that silently screams my name from my open 2019 planner…I am surprised by the amount of creative energy that I have at the moment.

After a month of crazy December-ness, a cozy warm house on a cold January night seems like the perfect time to start creating new templates, organize some scrapbooking supplies, and drink coffee (there is no such thing as too late in the day).

So, in honor of my creative mood and my need to post a blog for all you wonderful people, let me just share a simple, yet wonderful resource 🙂 There are many free font sites out there, but this one has been my most favorite lately.  I have found that the different fonts have been sparking my creativity for new templates and new designs.

I hope that you find it as helpful and inspiring as I have!